Happy New Year! (Jasmiina's Birthday party)

(This post contains about a thousand cute pictures of Jasmiina. Enjoy! ;)

Last day of the year started with balloons in bed, of course. :)

Jasmiina is an amazing colorful, emotional, fun girl. She also loves music. They didn't have a possibility to put music on themselves (also Jasmiina was a bit too young for that), so now we gave her a CD player for birthday, and invited some guests to give CDs. They are already loving this.

She helped me to prepare her birthday spread. This is her favorite part..

We had quite a calm party this time - had invited family and friends, about 3/7 of Mr. Husband's family came, mine didn't, was we just were in Latvia for Christmas, and only one friends could make it. Actually, I think it was a perfect amount, still very loud and fun, but manageable. (We had 5 children over, ages 2 to 7.) All in all, it was a nice and fun party.

She has a fun older sister for sure.

Jasmiina is so diverse, she can be really serious and shy, deeply thoughtful.. And she can be extremely fun and outspoken.

They are playing gift giving - Adelaide puts a random item in the gift-bag and Jasmiina gets it. She is truly happy for her gifts. :) Doesn't need anything more.

When only the first guests had arrived, they had such a nice time in the playroom - showing all their favorite works.

Birthday girl got tired and almost went to take a nap. But it was time for cake. Somehow have forgotten to take a decent picture of this cake - it was icy kama-blackcurrant cake.

And as we hadn't met Mr. Husband's family for Christmas, had a mini-Christmas as well.

Thankful for this little one, for Adelaide as well, for Mr. Husband, for our cat Romeo, for all the rest of the family. Looking forward to the New Year 2019, I'm sure this will be a happy one.


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