(Attachment) Parenting Quotes

I've started to use Pinterest, and found some nice quotes, mostly about Attachment Parenting, or Parenting in general.
Now, it seems weird to me, that some people would judge Attachment Parenting (that as I previously have said, I would call just Normal Parenting), but it turns out that some do.
To my surprise, there seriously are people out there, who think it's fine or even advisable to leave your baby alone to cry himself to sleep.. Or that it's harmful in some way, if the child is held too much, breastfed too long, or doesn't sleep in his own bed early enough.
Interestingly, these kinds of thoughts have not entered my mind ever.. It must be something that is deep inside people. Some way of paying back? Of not having empathy? I don't know.. But sadly from those children most likely will grow up same kind of people.

But to some quotes.. Start with this one:

This is to say that it's not always easy.. (I need another coffee!..)

This goes for me.. Why I do waste my time in forums, comments and other places, when often there are people, who don't want to listen:

And this is just perfect:

And to end with the most important one..
Have a nice and happy day! ;)


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