New abilities

She is getting so much more quicker and able to move all kinds of ways day by day!

Yesterday we can mark in our calendar as the day, when she first time rolled over to the other side! :D

Have to look back, how many months ago was it, when she first time rolled over to her left side. Now she finally did it to the right side as well.

I guess we are a bit bad parents, because we didn't try to stimulate her to roll to both sides enough. But well, there wasn't much we could do about it.. For a long time she wasn't rolling at all (which is totally normal and common for the period, when they start putting their toes in their mouth, as told by our cool physiotherapist), and once she started again, I sometimes did try to encourage her. Also this time, and finally it worked. Effortlessly.

Oh, also - she has shown no interest in rolling from her belly to her back. Actually, I don't see, why should she? :D If you are having fun and playing on your belly, when you can get everywhere you want to, where is the reason to just go lie on your back?
I guess there would have to be a very specific reason for it. I believe, that she could do it.. But so far she hasn't. Of course, she has many times fallen over by accident. (When too actively trying to reach or do something and losing balance.)

But she is crawling better and better. Demonstrating new tricks every day!


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