Pikler triangle

Pikler triangle (coming from approach of Hungarian Dr Emmi Pikler, which makes quite much of sense. It is a bit less known, even though, in Latvia, for example, Pikler theory is even quite popular) is a baby gym - a foldable triangle, that is safe enough - simply where a child can satisfy her climbing needs, develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility, encouraging free movement and free play. In short - all babies want to climb, and it mostly is not safe to climb on furniture etc, so we should offer them safe ways to do it. Pikler triangle is supported in Montessori and found in Montessori inspired places.

I decided we must have it in the end of the summer, when Mr Husband was using ladder outside to cut the hedge, and Adelaide would climb up the first two steps.

She is not a big climber at all! I hear about some other children her age, who are crazy climbers - they climb up couches, chairs, shelves, window sills, and nothing can stop them. Adelaide can't even climb up our couch! To be fair, it is quite high, I guess, and she can climb up a bit lower couches.
That is interesting, how children are different, and this doesn't mean she wouldn't like or need climbing - lately she is all about gross motor activities, she wants to step onto everything! That's why I exactly want to aid and encourage her climbing skills. And Pikler triangle is perfect for this.

They cost a lot, btw, to buy them.. But Mr Husband has golden hands, he made this, and - wow, I think this just looks amazing! :)

It is quite huge (bigger than I imagined), taking up a lot of space. We definitely are going to make her a play/work room, that is clear by now.

It just got ready today and this is totally her first time meeting with it. And obviously she likes it a lot! I was even surprised she climbed so high the very first time.

It's quite a long video, but whoever wants to watch many minutes of Adelaide being cute.. :) Towards the end she is saying co-coo (ku-ku), which she started lately and it's super cute. She says all kinds of sounds like that (I guess we do) - o-hoo! and uh-oh.. And in totally right places.

Here is another video, not as important, but for fun - at first showing, that she finally really enjoys her rocking horse. She swings on it every day, sometimes just sits on it. The horse lately got a makeover - got it's ears chopped off! The horse, cute, but not very well made, sadly. It's not very well thought through, when it comes to a child actually using it. The ears were totally in the child's face (can see the original here), and she already once hit her face with them. Now it's a bit better, it's usable..
Then she takes doll's socks and tries to put them on, saying zeķe or zeķes (sock, socks in Latvian) very clearly.. And finally tries to ride her bike, which she does a lot too, but this time somehow took a fall.. It happens. :)


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